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Humboldt Kolleg Ecuador 2019

February 22th – 24th, 2019
Ibarra, Ecuador

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In order to disseminate the scientific work that will be presented during the Humboldt Kolleg “Breaking Paradigms: Towards a Multi-, Inter- and Transdisciplinary Science” (22th to 24th February 2019, Ibarra, Ecuador) among the international scientific community, Bionatura magazine invites you to send a brief communication document that will be published in a special issue in March, 2019. To learn more about the mentioned magazine, you can visit its website: http://revistabionatura.com.
The guidelines have been updated in the guide for authors, but for a short overview, please see below:
  1. Short Communications are short papers that present original and significant material for rapid dissemination. For example, a Short Communication may focus on a particular aspect of a problem or a new finding that is expected to have a significant impact.
  2. Short articles include, but are not limited to: discovery or development of new materials, cutting-edge experiments and theory, novelty in simulation and modeling, elucidation of mechanisms.
  3. As Short Communications are expected to have higher than average impact on the field rather than report on incremental research, they will receive prioritized and rapid publication.
  4. Short Communications are limited to 3000 words and are not subdivid
  5. The paper should contain an abstract, main body and references (Vancouver styles), and contain no more than 6 figures or tables, combined. The abstract is limited to 100 words.
A guide to estimating paper length as follows: estimate equivalent number of words for figures/tables/eqns as:
  • One column wide (7.5 cm) figures/tables: 20 words per cm height
  • Two column wide (15 cm) figures/tables: 40 words per cm height
  • Equations: 20 words for each equation
If you are interested in publishing the work you will present during the Humboldt Kolleg, either in oral or poster mode, in Bionatura magazine please write directly to the following email:    

Professor Nelson Vispo, PhD.Escuela de Ciencias Biológicas e Ingeniería / School of Biological Sciences & EngineeringYachay Tech University
Bionatura editor-in-chief,
Hacienda San José s/n y Proyecto Yachay San Miguel de Urcuquí - Ecuador

Poster Presentation
Instructions for the preparation of the works to be presented in poster mode

Assembly and disassembly will be the exclusive responsibility of the author and must be done at the time arranged in the scientific program by the organizers.
The posters will be displayed in a room enabled for this purpose.
The format of the poster will observe the following characteristics:
·   The size cannot exceed 90 cm high x 70 cm wide. The poster will be placed vertically.
·   You must specify the title, the authors (contact e-mail of the main author) and affiliation of the authors.
·   The body of the poster should include introduction, methodology, results and conclusions.
·   The tables, figures and illustrations must be distributed sequentially and with legends in their lower part.
·   The figures, tables, illustrations should be sufficiently explanatory and be diagrammed to allow an adequate reading at 1 meter distance. It is suggested that the letters used for the content have a good print contrast.
·   The poster must be printed on thick paper.
·   The poster may be presented in English or Spanish. However, we kindly suggest the presentation in English to facilitate the reading of non-Spanish-speaking visitors.

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