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Language Editing Services
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Let Author Services elevate your research to the next level by ensuring that the language in your thesis or dissertation meets the highest academic standards. Choose the language editing service that suits you

A professional English speaker will check the grammar, spelling, and punctuation to prepare your paper for publication.
If one of the referees has suggested that your manuscript should undergo extensive English revisions, please address this issue during revision. We propose that you use one of the editing services listed at or have your manuscript checked by a native English-speaking colleague.

Layout Editing
Layout editing prepares your submission for publication in Bionatura.
iThenticate Plagiarism Check
A PhD-qualified expert provides feedback on the plagiarism report generated by iThenticate to determine areas of concern.
Our Guarantee
We know that writing is a gradual process. Customers of our Rapid and Specialist services will receive free re-editing for 1 year after service completion. For our customers using the Standard service, if you make minor revisions to your paper based on reviewers’ comments after editing takes place, we invite you to send us your manuscript via email, and we will carry out a one-time review of these additional changes for you free of charge. If your manuscript is rejected by your chosen journal due to English language errors after we have edited it, please contact us by email. If we are at fault, we will re-edit your paper free of charge, regardless of the service type.

Carry out the whole process by writing to the following email address


Get a Quote and Submit
How many words does your manuscript have?
All content, excluding the author names, affiliations, and references section, is included in the word count.
Payment for the service will be made to an online account for such purposes.
Word count per manuscript
Up to 500 words - 6 business days
From 501 to 1,500 words - 12 business days
150 USD
From 1,501 to 3,500 words - 12 business days
270 USD
From 3,501 to 6,000 words - 12 business days
430 USD
From 6,001 to 8,000 words - 12 business days
580 USD
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