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Bionatura Vol 8 No 1 2023.

Julio Andres Bonilla Jaime

E. J. Salazar, M. J. Guerrero , J. A. Villaquiran ,K.S. Suárez , J.M. Cevallos

Alberto Yitzak Lozano Sacoto, Ítalo Edgar Mendoza Haro, Carlos Lazo Vento

Enrique José Salazar Llorente , Hugo Javier Alvarado Álvarez, Jamileth Marianela Castro Cano , Byanka Margarita Sosa Arias, Sonia Alexandra Puga Lascano

Alexandra Jenny Lopez Barrera, Yamilet Irene Gutiérrez Gaitén

Francisco González-Fuentes, Steven Niño Narváez, Carlos Rodríguez-Chinchilla, Alejandro Vargas-Martínez, Allan Gonzalez-Herrera

Juan Marcelo Morales, Patricia Marcela Andrad

Ana María Henao Ramírez, David Hernando Palacio Hajduk, Diana Maria Cano Martínez, Aura Inés Urrea Trujillo

Quirino Villarreal Alejandro, Ramírez Vázquez Mónica, Velázquez López Olinda Elizabeth, Rivera-Fernández Andrés, Luna-Rodríguez Mauricio

Ana María Henao Ramírez , Julián David Morales Muñoz, Diana Marcela Vanegas Villa, Ruth Tatiana Hernández Hernández , Aura Inés Urrea-Trujillo

Arianna Valdez N1*, Iván Choez2, Sofie Van Der Hende3, Omar Ruìz4, Patricia Manzano5


Estefany Lema Ch, Iván Chóez-Guaranda , Omar Ruíz-Barzola , Lorena Jaramillo , Ángela Pacheco Flores de Valgaz, Sofie Van Der Hende, Patricia Manzano


Francisco Munive , María Páez , Cristina Romero Granja , Neyda Espín, Mary Casa-Villegas


Valeria Arévalo, William Mejía, Juan Manuel Cevallos-Cevallos, Johana Ortiz-Ulloa


Lorena Monserrate-Maggi , Lizette Serrano-Mena , Louise Delahaye , Paola Calle, Omar Alvarado-Cadena, Omar Ruiz-Barzola, Juan Manuel Cevallos-Cevallos


Elena Coyago-Cruz, Aida Guachamin, Edwin Vera, Melany Moya, Jorge Heredia-Moya, Elena Beltrán


Raed Salem Alsaffar

Genetic diversity of varieties of barley Hordum Vulgare Implanted using RAPD

Shaymaa khaleel alhialy ,  Raed Salem Al-Saffar, Safa Aldeen Abd. Sulyman

Nasratullah Habibi, Mohammad Yosuf Fakoor, Shah Mahomoud Faqiri, Zarir Sharaf, Mohammad Sadiq Hotak, Nelofar Danishyar, Mohammad Mustafa Haris, Khuwaja Safiullah Osmani, Takashi Shinohara, Naoki Terada, Atsushi Sanada, and Kaihei Koshio

Bionatura Vol 8 No 1 2023. Latest Articles

Mina M.   aljuboury
Using   traditional and automated grading and sorting Iraqi tomatoes
Raed Salem   Alsaffar
Analysis   of the Genetic Distance of Several Generations of Barley (Hordeum valulgare   L) by RAPD-PCR Technigue
Shaymaa   khaleel alhialy
Genetic   diversity of variaties of barly Hordum Vulgare Implanted using RAPD.
Nasratullah   Habibi
Enhancing   salinity tolerance in tomato at reproductive stage
Khaled   TAIBI
Isolation   and characterization of fungi and bacteria able to grow on media containing   gasoline and diesel fuel
Mario D.   García
Identificación   de inhibidores de las enzimas RdRp y Mpro del virus SARS-CoV-2 mediante   homología estructural
Abdullah   Hassan
Production   of environmentally friendly attractants for the trap flies Megaselia   halterata and Lycoriella ingenue parasites on edible mushrooms in Iraq
Angel   David Hernández-Amasifuen
Efficient   procedure of embryogenic callus formation from anther in Capsicum pubescens   Ruiz & Pav
Manuel   Antonio Mattos-Vela
Manejo   odontológico de las manifestaciones orales inducidas por radioterapia de   cabeza y cuello.
Yasamen   Raad Humudat
Assessment   of the impact of anemia on hematological parameters among hemodialysis   patients with chronic kidney disease
Hula Y.   Fadhil
Assessment of the impact of anemia on hematological parameters   among hemodialysis patients with chronic kidney disease
M. A. Ali
Inhibitory   effect of Titanium dioxide (Tio2) nanoparticles and their synergistic   activity with antibiotics in some types of bacteria
Saja   Mohammed Mohsen
Knowledge   and Awareness of Chronic Hepatitis C and Liver Fibrosis among Health Care   Workers and other domains Workers in Iraq
Adnan J.   M. Al-Fartosy
Evaluating   The Clinical Significance of RBP4, PAI-1, and Some Trace Elements in Women   with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Raed Madhi
Diagnostic   and Serological Study of Breast Cancer in Women in Maysan Province, Iraq
Yasamen   Raad Humudat
Assessment   of endotoxin levels of water in hemodialysis centers in Iraq
Zainab   A.Makawi
Isolation   and Identification of Intestinal Parasites from Goats at some Area of Wasit   Province, Iraq
Thaer Ali   Hussein
Tumor   necrosis factor (TNF)-α-308 gene polymorphism in children of Haemophilia A
Lenin   Javier Ramirez Cando
Cost and   performance analysis of efficiency, efficacy, and effectiveness of viral RNA   isolation with commercial kits and Heat Shock as alternative method to detect   SARS-CoV-2 by RT-PCR
Sura M.Y.   Al-Taee
isolation   and molecular identification of washing machine bacteria and study the effect   of some detergent on their growth
Adel M.   Rabee
Calculation   of Soil Pollution Indices with Heavy Metals in Residential Areas of Baghdad   City
Rafael   llanez
Long survival of Neisseria meningitidis in freeze-dried cultures maintained in   potentially unsuitable conditions.
Paúl   Medina-Vásquez
A model   for the SARS-CoV-2 dynamics in a population lacking herd immunity
Afkar M.   Hadi
Molecular   analysis of Fungi: Malassezia restricta from Felidae
Enas   Abdalhadi Hussain
Virulence   factors of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from UTI of pregnant women
Neran. A.   Thamer
Vitamin D   deficiency can be used as a diagnostic test for Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Alaa Taha   Al-Hammadi
The   Inhibitory Effect of Some Plant Essential Oils on the Growth of Some   Bacterial Species
Wafaa   Tialp Mohammed
Evaluation   of Serum Interleukin 36 in Iraqi patients with Rheumatoid arthritis
Muhammad   Babar Khawar
Purification   and Characterization of Lipase produced from Bacillus cereus (PCSIR NL-37)
Raid   Hashim
COVID-19   Vaccine causes of acceptance and rejection among ‎university   students ‎in Baghdad
Haneen A.   Mohammed
Immunohistochemical   Expression of StAR Protein in The Suprarenal Cortex of Adult Male Rats   Associated with Sleep Disturbance
kawkab Ali   Hussein
Synthesis,   Characterization and Biological Studies of Schiff Bases and Their Complexes   Derived from Aromatic Diamine Compounds with Cobalt (II).
Haider   Abdulkareem Almashhadani
Matricaria   chamomilla (Chamomile) powder Extract Antioxidant Activity: In vitro and vivo   Study
Shaimaa   Obaid Mostafa
Synergistic   Effect of Rosemary and Lemon extractions on
  some Physiological and Biochemical Parameters of CCl4-Stressed Male Rats
Afkar   Muslim Hadi
Checklist   of Galliform Birds (Order: Galliformes) in Iraq

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Victor Manuel Santiago Padilla

Leandro Patiño Patiño

Lisset Hermida and Ricardo Silva

Jorge Luis Vélez Páez; Mario Patricio Montalvo Villagomez; Estefanía Belén Irigoyen Mogro, Pedro Augusto Molina Vasquez.

Fernado Esteban Jara González; Glenda de Fátima Jimenez Alulima; Erika Lizeth Sananay Auquilla; José Carlo Murillo Sanclemente; Pedro Augusto Molina Vasquez; Jorge Luis Vélez Páez

Marco Esteban Gudiño Gomezjurado and Alvaro Francisco Gudiño Gomezjurado

Valarezo-Sevilla Diego, Sarzosa-Terán Vanessa, Restrepo-Rodas Gabriela

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